Paris Hilton Says She Was Kissed, Groomed By Her Eighth Grade Teacher

Paris Hilton Says She Was Kissed, Groomed By Her Eighth Grade Teacher

Paris Hilton is opening up about being groomed by her eighth grade teacher.

In her newly published Paris: The Memoir, the 42-year-old star recalled having an "inappropriate" relationship when she was a young teen with a man she refers to as "Mr. Abercrombie," who was a "handsome young teacher" at her Catholic school that "all the girls in my class were crushing on."

"Everyone loved him, including the nuns," Hilton wrote, before saying Abercrombie ended up setting his sights on her and told her that "'I've got a crush on you.'"

"He made me feel noticed in an important, grown-up way," the heiress continued, recalling the way he "flattered and teased me and said that all the other girls were talking about me behind my back because they were jealous." That said, Hilton said it also didn't take long for things to start escalating from there, as they began talking almost every night after he asked for her number and "cautioned me not to tell anyone."

According to Hilton, they "talked for hours [on the phone] about how amazingly mature, beautiful, and intelligent I was, how sensual, misunderstood, and special," with her teacher also often asking whether her parents were home. One night, this led to Abercrombie driving to her house, where she climbed into the passenger seat of his car before he "pulled me into his arms and kissed me... for what seemed like a long time and seemed to be evolving into something more."

However, the two were then spotted by Hilton's parents, leading Abercrombie to blame his predatory actions on her while trying to speed away, asking her "why did you make me do this?" And though he later brought her home, the "Stars Are Blind" singer said her parents still ended up sending her to live with grandma in Palm Springs after the end of the school year.

Not only that, but Hilton said that her classmates "seemed to know" there was something going on between the two, though this didn't appear to affect Abercrombie at all. In fact, Hilton said that she didn't know "if there were any repercussions to the teacher or if there was any attempt to prevent him from choosing another little girl," especially since her parents "never volunteered any information, and I never asked."

She added, "But I assume the fear of bad publicity would have prevented them from making a scene or pressing charges."

With this in the background, it took Hilton many years to process what happened, especially since she felt ashamed of "the fact that I had enjoyed something that was, in reality, utterly vile."

"I never allowed myself to talk or even think about what it really was or why I climbed out the window to kiss that stupid pedophile," the socialite said. "It took decades for me to actually speak the word pedophile."

She continued, "Casting him in the role of child molester meant casting myself in the role of victim, and I just couldn't go there."

While Hilton said she's since realized "in my grown-up mind that no child is ever to blame for inappropriate adult behavior," she still said that "my face is literally burning as I sit here telling you this terrible secret." But even though she isn't sure if she can ever "fully shake it off," Hilton concluded by saying she felt it was necessary to talk about what happened, because "it's a key part of my story."

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