Since launching a year ago with a community-driven approach, philanthropic startup Parade has sold over 500k pairs of underwear largely through word-of-mouth and social media. Its affordable price point and inclusive messaging have resonated with shoppers drawn to its colorful imagery and focus on comfort.

For Parade founder Cami Tellez, the one-year milestone carries deep significance. "From day 1, I've been inspired, awakened, and transformed by how our community has made Parade their own," she told PAPER. "Together, this community has started to reshape the way people everywhere see themselves in their underwear through bold self-expression, self-celebration and a serious commitment to sustainability and social good. And it's just the very beginning."

To celebrate, the brand launched a birthday collection featuring four new Re:Play shades, three new colorblock styles, new sweatshirts, a relaunch of their coveted scarf and more. Parade is also introducing a Birthday Party Pack that contains an assortment of new colors and styles. (They will donate $1 from every pack to @PlannedParenthood on top of the 1% they already give.)

Head to to shop the complete Birthday Collection.

Photos courtesy of Parade/ Jacq Harriet

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