P1Harmony Kicks Off New Era With 'Doom Du Doom'

P1Harmony Kicks Off New Era With 'Doom Du Doom'

P1Harmony returns today with a new mini-album, Harmony: Zero In, and the six-piece K-pop group is celebrating through the release of an official music video for its lead single, "Doom Du Doom."

Kicking off a new chapter for the boys, following their three-part Disharmony series, P1Harmony's latest sees them embracing a variety of new styles and genres, from the raucous thrashing of "Black Hole" to the fittingly titled "Swagger."

As P1Harmony member Keeho explains, “This album is about freedom and individuality, and how we are going to go about living in this new world we created for ourselves, the new rules we are going to make and how we’re going to live amongst each other."

Ultimately, he says, it's about "how to live in harmony."


The visual for "Doom Du Doom" presents P1Harmony as highly decorated, atypical athletes competing in a series of whimsical sports, from grenade golf to synchronized boxing, all while delivering the tight choreography P1Harmony is known for.

P1Harmony explains that this song "is the start of a new musical series, the Harmony series, which is a lot different from our previous series, Disharmony, sonically and visually." Their first message "is about how in a harmonized world, we can do things in our own way."

So the group's "P1eces" can look forward to seeing "various new sides" of the members throughout this mini-album cycle.

Watch the music video for P1Harmony's "Doom Du Doom" and stream Harmony: Zero In, below.

Photos courtesy of FNC Entertainment