OnlyFans’ New CEO Actively Supports Explicit Content

OnlyFans’ New CEO Actively Supports Explicit Content

by Justine Fisher

OnlyFans’ recently-appointed CEO is making it clear that she supports adult creators. Along with touting her personal subscriptions, in an interview with TIME, Amrapali (Ami) Gan addressed misconceptions and shared her vision for the rapidly growing company.

Tim Stokely, who founded the subscription-based platform in 2016, turned the reins over to Gan in Dec. 2021 after controversially removing all sexually explicit content from the platform, backtracking soon after. Now heading one of the top platforms for adult content, Gan said, “My leading the company is just another example of how OnlyFans is a disruptive organization. We’re not a traditional business.”

Promoting principles of autonomy and security, Gan sees OnlyFans, which has now amassed over 1,000 employees, as the “future of social media.” Particularly during the pandemic, the company gained popularity due to its liberal controls that allowed for sexually explicit content. Looking to continue growing from its roots, Gan said she wants to allow creators to “decide what types of content they feel empowered sharing.”

Gan said that at its core, the platform is about “creators having control.” She added that their individualized subscription policy, distinct from other platforms, makes this possible as creators can “monetize” and “connect directly with their community.” With an 80/20 split, Gan said that OnlyFans pocketing 20% of subscription revenue means, “We don’t make money unless our creators make money.”

While more than 1,000 creators have earned over $1 million each, Gan wants to support them beyond finances. Keeping tabs with her own personal OnlyFans subscriptions, she said she is “actively working to change'' a perceived lack of corporate support for the adult community through direct messages.

At the same time, she notes that the company is inclusive of all creators. Referencing actress Carmen Electra famously joining at 50, Gan described the range of adult creators, models, artists and athletes on the platform.

Though the platform seeks to give everyone the opportunity to control their image, Gan added that “over 50% of people who apply are rejected.” This is due to efforts preventing bots and trolls, where the company seeks in-depth identity verification. Also, even though they don’t restrict sexual content, she said they review everything under their terms of service.

While OnlyFans has made their fair share of missteps, the new CEO, who can say sex work is real work and mean it, is a refreshing addition to a company that is creating space for those often disenfranchised by traditional industries.

Photo via Getty/ Pavlo Gonchar/ SOPA Images/ LightRocket