Olivia Wilde's Nanny Says Harry Styles, Florence Pugh Were Hooking Up

Olivia Wilde's Nanny Says Harry Styles, Florence Pugh Were Hooking Up

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis' former nanny has made another shocking claim about her ex-employer's relationship with now-boyfriend Harry Styles.

According to theDaily Mail, the nanny — who was previously identified by TMZ as Erika Genaro — alleged in another exclusive interview that the Don't Worry Darlingactor was also hooking up with co-star Florence Pugh before making things official with Wilde.

“Flo was fucking Harry" Genaro reportedly said, appearing to claim that Pugh was still in a relationship with ex Zach Braff during the supposed fling by adding that "she had a boyfriend" at the time. However, she went on to allege that Styles ditched Pugh shortly after he began seeing Wilde, which led to the long-rumored feud between the director and her leading lady.

"Olivia told Jason a couple of weeks after Harry started [on set]," as Genaro claimed. "Then Olivia started seeing Harry herself. It was all very quick. A lot of people don't know that."

The nanny's latest claim comes on the heels of her first interview with the Daily Mail, where Genaro made a number of allegations about the supposed love triangle between Styles, Wilde and Sudeikis. That said, the most talked about part of the report was her retelling of an apparent "blowup" between the former couple over Wilde making Styles a salad using her special dressing in their kitchen, which the parents of two later denied.

“As parents, it is incredibly upsetting to learn that a former nanny of our two young children would choose to make such false and scurrilous accusations about us publicly,” Wilde and Sudeikis said in a joint statement.

“Her now 18 month long campaign of harassing us, as well as loved ones, close friends and colleagues, has reached its unfortunate apex," they continued. "We will continue to focus on raising and protecting our children with the sincere hope that she will now choose to leave our family alone.”

However, Wilde also went on to seemingly address the dressing drama in a separate Instagram Story by posting a page from Nora Ephron's Heartburn, which contained a recipe for what could have been the vinaigrette in question. Previously though, the actress, writer and director pushed back against public speculation about her alleged beef with Pugh, calling the rumors "untruths" in an interview with Elle from earlier this month.

Wilde, Styles and Pugh have yet to respond to Genaro's claim. In the meantime, you can read what she had to say to the Daily Mail's here.

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