Olivia Wilde's Former Nanny Is Suing

Olivia Wilde's Former Nanny Is Suing

From being served custody papers on stage to a secret salad dressing, the Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis breakup may be one of the spiciest, most passive aggressive splits in recent memory. Not only did it dominate the Don't Worry Darlingpress tour with a rumored Wilde, Harry Styles and Florence Pugh love triangle causing tensions on the red carpet, but it also overlapped with the just as messy Wilde/Styles/Sudeikis love triangle. However, it was the couple's former live-in nanny that would end up stirring the pot the most.

In addition to the aforementioned Nora Ephron-sourced salad dressing, the former nanny, Ericka Genaro, infamously offered several insights into the toxic fallout in the Wilde/Sudeikis household from the affair including the Ted Lasso actor apparently forbidding her from playing Styles' music near their children and at one point laid down in front of Wilde's car to prevent her from leaving.

Now, Genaro is alleging that she was wrongfully terminated after taking a three-day vacation an osteopath prescribed her for stress. According to the lawsuit, Genaro had been caught in the middle of the messy breakup with Sudeikis having a “tendency to seemingly require Plaintiff to stay up at night after the kids were put to bed to talk,” increasingly relying on the nanny for more support as the relationship was deteriorating.

By late November 2020, Genaro allegedly asked to have a one-on-one with Wilde about her anxiety, only to be confronted later on by Sudeikis who asked, “Do you trust me?” which the lawsuit claims was "part ‘gotcha,’ part threat and part confirmation Plaintiff was on Sudekis’ side.” The added stress and media scrutiny over the messy split got to the point where Genaro allegedly started to experience physical pain in addition to the stress and anxiety. She goes on to claim that not only was Sudeikis aware of her issues but went on to engage with both remote and text-based group therapy with both her and Wilde.

The same therapist is the one that ultimately referred Genaro to the osteopath that recommended the three-day leave. In February 2021, Genaro allegedly informed Sudeikis that she planned to leave her job and gave him a five month notice in order to provide ample time to find a new nanny. The very next day, the osteopath would prescribe the three-day leave, recommending ‘“radio silence’ from everyone" which was relayed to the same therapist for Wilde and Sudeikis. Ignoring this, Sudeikis quickly texted Genaro and fired her, telling the nanny agency ML Management that he wanted her removed from his property and put up in a hotel.

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