Can Lil Nas X's Mega Hit Last at Number One for 17 Weeks?
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Can Lil Nas X's Mega Hit Last at Number One for 17 Weeks?

Before you read this, go stream "Old Town Road" right now. Done? Good. Keep reading.

I'm having a bit of a crisis. You see, Lil Nas X has been sitting pretty atop the Billboard Hot 100 for a smashing 14 weeks now. As Billboardreported today, 14 weeks is a "special" milestone as far as the Hot 100 goes. Only 10 other songs have ever managed to hit this kind of number one status in the chart's history — and for that, we can celebrate, sure. But I want my yeehaw anthem to win.

Only two singles have ever led the charts at number one for the record-breaking 16-week streak, Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men's "One Sweet Day," and Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, and Justin Bieber's "Despacito." Of course Lil Nas X has already made history by making it this far, but I am a firm believer that "Old Town Road" deserves to go for the big bucks, and 17 weeks is our lucky number.

All would seem well and fine if you were to look at the chart's current stats. Billboard reports that "Old Town Road" holds a firm "1.9 to 1 edge," one of the biggest advantages in the history of number one streaks, to the song sitting at number two. All good, right? Wrong. Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy" currently holds the number two spot on the Hot 100 chart. Why is this a problem? Rumors are swirling that a "Bad Guy" remix featuring Justin Bieber is reportedly in the works.

A user on the PopHeads Reddit got me pretty worked up the other day with just a simple text post explaining that the rumors were true and the "Bad Guy" remix had leaked. Their advice? "RUN NAS X, RUN!" I have yet to hear the leak myself, but it's apparently been floating around the internet, along with leaked lyrics. There's been no official announcement from Eilish or Bieber's team, save for an ominous tweet from Bieber a couple days ago.

I have nothing against Eilish or Bieber, I'm actually glad the two have teamed up and I'm a huge fan of When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?. Eilish has been a huge fan of Bieber's for a while, and they even got to meet up at Coachella for a quick viral moment, so all of this just feels correct. All I ask? Please wait 3 weeks on dropping this sure-to-be-fire song so that Lil Nas X and "Old Town Road" can gallop into the sunset with the historic 17-week title.

Also, not going to lie, I'm feeling a bit threatened by Ed Sheeran and Travis Scott right now, too. They're dropping a track on Friday, July 12, called "Antisocial" off Sheeran's new record full of collabs, No.6 Collaborations Project. Twitter stans are suggesting "Antisocial" is going to be a major blow to the charts when it drops. Small snippets posted to Sheeran's Instagram confirm just how good the track will be, sounding like a cross between an EDM banger and "Sicko Mode."

"Old Town Road" is about more than just having horses in the back at this point. Lil Nas X has spearheaded an entire genre of TikTok-made hits, caused major controversy over what exactly "country music" is, and basically stifled just about every major label-incubated hit from the past few months with a single track. So, let the #OldTownRoadListeningParty begin, stans.

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