'Orange is the New Black' to End After Seven Seasons

'Orange is the New Black' to End After Seven Seasons

After seven seasons that made us cry, laugh, and renew our fury at the injustices of the prison industrial complex, Netflix has announced that Orange is the New Black's next season will also be its last.

Having garnered countless nominations and four Emmys in its five years, Orange is the New Black has been a landmark show critically lauded for tackling difficult issues like police brutality, addiction, sexual assault, race, and violence towards the LGBTQ+ community. The show's fervent commitment to diversity and representation with the inclusion of queer, disabled, and trans characters, like Laverne Cox's breakout role as Sophia Burset which earned her an Emmy nod for guest actress, elevated the show to the status of trailblazing must-watch television.

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Along with House of Cards, which will be wrapping up this fall,OITNB was one Netflix's flagship forays into original programming, helping turn the streaming service into the award-gobbling juggernaut that it is today. The show rapidly developed a devoted fanbase that identified with the its large cast of characters, many of whom were met with tragic departures and mourned like a death in the family. In light of the announcement, many fans understood that the time had come to say goodbye and took to Twitter to express their gratitude towards the show.

"My heart is orange but fade to black," showrunner Jenji Kohan said in a statement about the show's ending. Netflix announced that show will air its final episodes early next year. "Season 7, you will not be disappointed," said Uzo Aduba in a video the cast posted announcing the news. "It is a season you will not forget. And we're going to give you everything that you could ever have wanted."

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