Nina Nesbitt Heads Home in 'Dinner Table'

Nina Nesbitt Heads Home in 'Dinner Table'

Sometimes, it’s all about our ancestors and everything they’ve experienced before us. Nina Nesbitt is releasing today a new music video for "Dinner Table" that showcases several generations of women in her family, giving us a fuller picture of who the musician is today.

"Dinner Table" is extremely honest and personal. The slow-churning single details Nesbitt’s relationship with her mother and grandmother, while also exploring bits and pieces of who they are. Nesbitt’s grandmother was in love with Elvis in the '50s; Nesbitt’s mother danced along to Bowie in the '80s.

There’s a lot of love throughout and the chorus ties the memories of all these women together: "Three generations/ Born in different decades," Nesbitt sings. "Some things have changed/ But we got the same old heartbreak."

The accompanying video feels like a documentary. Nesbitt heads to her old stomping grounds, taking care to use the camera lens to show off old pictures of her family. It provides adorable snapshots of their intimate lives, zeroing in on the dinner table to reflect the song's title.

"I recently found my family’s old VHS camera that we used to take on holiday when I was a kid," Nesbitt says. "I figured out how to use it again and thought it would be a perfect way to film the video for 'Dinner Table.' My mum and I flew over to Sweden for my grandmother’s 80th birthday at the end of last year and made her the star of the video, without her knowing."

And her grandmother "absolutely loves the video," she continues. "It’s such a specific story I think it needed these visuals to bring the song to life."

Watch the PAPER premiere of Nina Nesbitt's "Dinner Table" and stream the single, below.

Photos courtesy of Natalie Sakstrup