Nicki Minaj's 'Megatron' Is a Summer Wet Dream

Nicki Minaj's 'Megatron' Is a Summer Wet Dream

If you don't have Nicki Minaj's verbal gun shot sound effect, "Brra-da-da-da" stuck in your head at this point, it's likely you haven't heard the rapper's newest single. "Megatron" is a reggae-tinged mix of Queen-era Minaj bars and "Starships"-era melodies and pop production. Sampling "Filthy Riddim," the track showcases Minaj at her very best, bridging genres with vice-doused rhymes and perfectly-timed syllable punches.

After extended touring drama and a varied collection of less-than-glowing reviews for her latest record, Queen, "Megatron" couldn't have come at a more perfect moment. Not only does it remind the world of who's sitting on the throne, but it gives us all a much-needed summer bop. From start to finish, it's evident that "Megatron" was made for the club. Cue the flaming shots on the bar and ass shaking.

The video is equally as satisfying of a follow-up, with an "Anaconda" color pallette, and all the character of "Super Bass." Minaj shines when she's most empowered, meaning that criticism is just fuel for her lyrical fire. While she doesn't make her famous call-out to her "sons," she has memorable bars interspersed between her radio-ready, "Shots, shots, shots I'm drinkin / It's better when I'm drinking," in the club scenes of the video. "That ass clapping on the D/ Hercules on 'em," she sneers in a jacuzzi, filling the song with the same sexual energy that pushed her forward on early mixtapes.

While it's not clear yet whether or not "Megatron" is part of a larger project or new album, it's at least a taste of what to come. Thank god we didn't have to wait as long as we did between The Pinkprint and Queen for new music.

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