Nicki Minaj Meet and Greet Brings Chaos to London
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Nicki Minaj Meet and Greet Brings Chaos to London

by Justine Fisher

The Queen arrived in London and Barbz went wild.

Nicki Minaj fans swarmed a local cafe in London today after she planned a last-minute meet and greet on Instagram Live the night before. Following the Grammy Award-winning rapper’s performance Sunday night at Wireless Festival in the UK’s Finsbury Park, Barbz had about 12 hours notice to start lining up for her appearance at cafe KOKO.

Naturally, with hundreds of Barbz gathering outside of the small cafe hours ahead of the noon meet and greet, chaos ensued and the insane crowds were shared all over social media.

Soon after, Minaj posted an update on her Instagram story pushing the start time back to 2 PM because she needed a "bigger space" and "didn’t expect y’all to be out there so early."

But of course, when Minaj gives the Barbz an order, they follow. Though they tried, the UK police could do little to stop the crowd, as when they attempted to cancel the meet and greet altogether, fans didn’t take no for an answer.

When Minaj's van finally pulled up, she couldn’t get out and fans got their first glimpse of her through a sunroof.

Eventually, Minaj had to reason with them on Twitter, and the Barbz seemed to listen, allowing her to step out onto the street.

In her flaming red and orange fit, Minaj was soon overwhelmed by the crowd and called out the police before shoving a fan (who was just glad to be touched by the Queen).

When Minaj later drove off, Barbz weren’t ready to see her go and chased the van down the street.

All seemed to turn out well in the end, as Minaj posted videos of the crowd chasing her van with the caption, "My babies I love you all so much. 🇬🇧 Thank you to the officers for helping us so much today. ♥️"

As crazy as the UK Barbz seem, if we had 12 hours notice that the Queen was arriving in our city, we might have to do the exact same thing.

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