Here Are All Your Must-See Nicki Minaj à Trois Memes

Here Are All Your Must-See Nicki Minaj à Trois Memes

Nicki Minaj's attempt at breaking the Internet with a threesome shoot featuring three Nicki Minajs for PAPER had the world reeling (wya Eve?), but how do we really measure impact? Likes? Clicks? RTs? Your ex asking you back? No no my friends. Memes.

First of all, let's take a second to relate:

Nowfor that good stuff, take my hand as we dive on in.

What is this PAPER papier-mâché nightmare.

Here's some Ricki Minaj treatment.

To all y'all Bojack Horseman fans, I present:

Whom is this "vs. reality" queen?!

And what is this paper PAPER Nicki madness?

Not to mention this "dan your bobbies" phenomenon, which came off some poor smuck's appreciation for Nicki's titties.

Is this the original?!

But then:

My anaconda don't want none if unless you have three-Nickis-worth-of-buns, hun.

Hats off, Internet, hats off.

Image via Ellen Von Unwerth for PAPER


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