Nerf's New Mascot Is Terrifying the Internet

Nerf's New Mascot Is Terrifying the Internet

Nerf's got you covered just in case you were in need of some nightmare fuel, and it's coming courtesy of every 10-year-old boy's favorite toy.

After over 50 years on the market, Hasbro decided that 2022 was the year they'd finally create a mascot for their enormously popular foam dart gun. Sounds innocuous enough, right? Well, maybe it would've been if they had created anyone but Murph.

An anthropomorphic collection of Nerf darts, the faceless Murph is the star of a multi-year marketing campaign titled “Unleash the Play in You." The only problem is that Murph doesn't really scream "fun" per se, as it would probably be more accurate to call them a terrifying mop wearing a bright orange basketball jersey and a pair of the ugliest shoes known to man.

Even so, Ad Weekreported that Nerf is trying to position Murph as a symbol of "ageless, unbridled fun," who acts as "a physical embodiment of that feeling you get when you play with Nerf," with the brand's Senior Vice President and General Manager Adam Kleinman apparently characterizing them as "a playful spirit and gifted athlete."

“Nerf recognizes that while screens are great, there remains a need for kids, and their parents, to get out, get active and make memories,” Kleinman said, before the publication went on to note that Murph was created from "internal research showing parents desire to create moments of active play they experienced as kids with their own children."

Granted, it seems as if the internet-at-large would like a word with whoever was in that focus group, as the majority of commenters found Nerf's new mascot to be a frightening mass of "sentient" microplastics "hunting you for sport and your delicious human meat." And honestly, we can't help but agree.

Check out what other Twitter users are saying about this "child-friendly" nightmare fuel below.

Photo courtesy of Hasbro