Inside Natasha Hunt Lee's 'It's Hell in Here Tonight' Video

Inside Natasha Hunt Lee's 'It's Hell in Here Tonight' Video

Only two tracks into her solo music career, Los Angeles' Natasha Hunt Lee is proving to be a master at unpacking our complicated inner workings in social settings. First, with "Fancy Night," she narrated a shroom-filled quarantine party, where reckless highs led to a half-year comedown. And now, Lee is diving even deeper into her psyche on "It's Hell in Here Tonight" — a '90s-leaning alt-rock follow-up that continues the spiraling descent.

Written by Lee with guitar-led production courtesy of Jae Luna, "It's Hell in Here Tonight" plays out like an inner monologue. "Is it gonna get better? I don't know how much more I can take," she admits, capturing what it feels like to lose your mind at a party — the type of headspace where you fold further and further inside your brain, drumming up insecurities and insanities until you finally find an escape.

“You know when you’re in the most standard setting: a Saturday night party, everyone is smiling, schmoozing, drinking and probably you are too, but all you feel is the absolute rapture of self-destructing?" Lee says. "And every move you make is an effort to survive another five minutes without telling the wrong person you love them or your eyeball popping out? And you’re like, 'Damn, I’m really a volcano on legs right now?'"

Her debut music video, directed by Chelsey D'Adesky, visualizes exactly what it's like in Lee's mind (at least, for three minutes). A meditative practice finds her walking through a glass mirror and into a world of blissful people all wearing headphones together. They lounge around the pool, eat grapes and share drinks, before anxieties eventually catch up to Lee, who's shown writhing in the pouring rain, eyes wide and absolutely manic.

Go behind the scenes of Natasha Hunt Lee's latest release and stream "It's Hell in Here Tonight," below.

Photography: Chelsey D’Adesky