Supermodel Naomi Campbell on Committing to Yourself

Supermodel Naomi Campbell on Committing to Yourself

Any fitness enthusiast could tell you that when it comes to working out, there's only one gym that's basically synonymous with the fabulous life. While Equinox has stood out in the fitness world with its commitment to excellence, the recent unveiling of Equinox Hotels is poised to take the brand to new levels.

With the suitable campaign slogan, "For Those Who Want It All," Equinox's expansion into luxury travel is the next natural step. Teaming up with the visionary Nick Knight and SHOWstudio to create a surreal campaign film starring the incomparable Naomi Campbell, the chain of hotels opening this summer are sure to be super — at least. Covering the most central components of the brand's ethos in the clip, the catwalk queen takes you through movement, nutrition, and regeneration in a way that would inspire the utmost commitment to all three.

No stranger to high-performance living, Campbell has dominated in the modeling industry for decades and, naturally, is the fittest candidate to align with the lifestyle brand. At last night's cocktail party to celebrate the launch with Harvey Spevak and Chris Norton, the iconic supermodel was right in her element talking wellness.

"Anything that has to do with wellness and health, I'm into, " Campbell told PAPER. Adding, "It's a commitment to yourself and taking care of yourself. You get to a point where you understand that without your health you don't have anything." Above anyone, Campbell understands the balancing act that is staying fit and, with Equinox Hotels to add to a culture that prioritizes wellness, the model understands the timeliness of this expansion. "I always admired that Harvey was ahead of his time. He realized that there was a process of where this was going to go in terms of how wellness is going to become of importance in our culture," Campbell said.

The opening bash featured the otherworldly mirrored box installation bespoke for the "High Performance" video starring Campbell, and turned out a cast of familiar faces like singer Maxwell, model Alton Mason, and a batch of influencers and fashion folks galore.

Watch "High Performance," below.

Photo via YouTube