Rihanna's Fenty Beauty x MSCHF Release Ketchup Lip Gloss Set

Rihanna's Fenty Beauty x MSCHF Release Ketchup Lip Gloss Set

by Justine Fisher

Ketchup or makeup? Rihanna is keeping us guessing with her latest Fenty drop.

In collaboration with art collective MSCHF, the beauty brand introduced a lip gloss set that contains actual ketchup. The $25 package consists of six individual packets. Though they are all identical in style, you won’t know which one contains Fenty Gloss Bomb or the condiment until you open them.

The set’s sleek red packaging alludes to this game of chance, with the words “KETCHUP OR MAKEUP” written above the neatly-tucked packets. Photos on MSCHF and Fenty’s Instagram accounts feature side-by-side shots of models with ketchup smeared on their lips and then with neatly lined lip gloss.

The Brooklyn-based art collective is responsible for the infamous Eat The Rich ice cream truck, the Gobstomper “Jimmy Fallon Edition” shoes and 80 more out-of-the-box drops. Though MSCHF is no stranger to innovative and often bizarre ideas, few could have guessed a condiment-inspired drop was next, let alone in collaboration with Fenty.

The internet was quick to react, and some didn’t love the idea of purchasing a makeup set that is half ketchup.

Though it's hard not to be shocked by the drop, others on the internet came around to the unique idea.

Of course, Rihanna giving us Fenty ketchup before new music didn’t go over well with many fans.

As odd as this collab is, you may just see us rocking ketchup on our lips tomorrow (at least until Rihanna releases a new album).

Photo courtesy of MSCHF