Moschino Had a Marionette Show for Milan Fashion Week

Moschino Had a Marionette Show for Milan Fashion Week

Leave it to Jeremy Scott to put a clever, creative spin on a pandemic fashion show. Due to the fact that fashion month, and the entire industry, has been disrupted by Ms. Rona, the Moschino creative director decided it was best to have no people at all for his Milan runway — not even models. Instead, he used puppets.

Beautiful marionettes created by Jim Henson's Creature Shop were dressed in the Italian luxury brand's Spring 2021 ready-to-wear collection. The delicate miniature clothing pieces were exact replicas of the actual human-sized collection, capturing every single design detail — including the accessories. And even the puppet audience members were mirror-images of high-profile fashion week regulars like Vogue editors Anna Wintour and Hamish Bowles.

For this season, the fashion house went for a theme that reflects 2020 perfectly: up-side-down. The pieces that went down the runway showed exposed corset boning, petticoats, rough edges, visible seams and inside-out pockets. "In short order, the world has flipped. It hasn't capsized, but we are certainly living in the upside down, inside-out," the brand said in a press release. "The topsy-turvy. Everything is surreal but somehow also too real, altogether, all at once."

And though the clothes have this inverted look, they still have a classic and familiar flare to them. The statement continued, "It's a recognizable place, but it feels foreign, alien, and admittedly, unnerving. Yet through this paradigm a revolutionary rulebook will be written. The old manual will burn. It is burning. We won't call it a fresh start so much as it is a new start. Inner-workings are being laid bare; how these mechanics exist and evolve will change."

As Scott succinctly mentioned, "As the world seems to be splitting along the seams, the bare inner workings of something new will be exposed."

Watch the full Moschino Spring 2021 fashion show, below.

Photo via Instagram