Miss Madeline Ranks Her Top 10 'Bad Girls'

Miss Madeline Ranks Her Top 10 'Bad Girls'

After releasing her power-pop hit "Platinum," New York's rising star Miss Madeline is back with "Bad Girls," an x-rated anthem for all the "sick girls, nasty girls, dirty girls, sexy girls."

The Chicken-produced track follows a good girl gone bad narrative, mirroring Madeline's own religious private school background in Manhattan, as she sings about finding God "in the basement of a rave, at the bottom of this vile." Whether she's being fucked in the backseat of a taxi or getting held against the wall of a hotel bar, "all bad girls go to heaven," according to the red-headed rebel.

The "Bad Girls" video, directed by Leander Capuozzo and styled by Megsuperstarprincess, sees Madeline taking on NYC at night — walking a dog down cobblestone streets in hot pink lingerie, strutting around in "Censored" party dresses and whipping around her purse with "Wasted" scribbled in Sharpie. Naturally, there's also a girl fight on a dirty mattress, featuring boy toy Jonah Almost.

With "Bad Girls" premiering today, it only felt right to ask Miss Madeline to rank her top 10 bad girls throughout history. From Lindsay Lohan to Anna Delvey, dive into the debauchery, below.

10. Amanda Lepore

Club kid, video vixen, David LaChapelle's muse, ultimate sex symbol. She doesn't know me... yet. But she will soon.

9. Megsuperstarprincess

We're all just wannabe Megsuperstarprincesses. Check out her blog, Le Hipster Portal, for fashion and life tips from the coolest girl in NYC. Obvi she had a cameo in the "Bad Girls" video. Tres chic.

8. Uffie

One of my biggest inspirations. There would be no Miss Madeline without Uffie! There would be no "Bad Girls" without "Hot Chick." Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans changed my life... and kinda made me realize that I could be as bad as I want in music... and in life.

​7. Janet Jackson

The blueprint. Growing up a dancer, we obsessed over Janet and her impact. "Throb," "Any Time, Any Place," "Rope Burn." She created the space for us bad girls to even exist in pop.

6. Denise Richards

Iconic sex symbol. Bond girl, steamy Wild Things sex scenes, Charlie Sheen's ex-wife, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills affair drama? I mean... duh.

5. Lindsay Lohan

"I only did cocaine like 10-15 times," and I will always love LiLo. My long lost big sister.

4. Snooki

Definitely one of my fashion icons. When I'm feeling down I just loop the Snooki vs. Angelina fight. "Let's get wastey pants!"...or whatever she said.

3. The Clermont Twins

I mean... no explanation necessary. THE bad girls. Period.

2. Anna Delvey

There's nothing wrong with faking it till you make it! Scammer queen, ultimate finessor... it was so bad, so she makes the list. I hope to party with her one day... drinks on her daddy or whateva.

1. Monica Lewinsky 

Good girl in a bad situation? bad girl in a good situation? Fooled around and fell in love perhaps? Regardless, she did the dirty with the president so good for her. The cigar nonsense is definitely some bad girl activity.

Stream "Bad Girls" by Miss Madeline, below.

Photography: Ana Maria Hernandez
Styling: Kayla Innes