Minecraft Youtuber Dream's Face Reveal Video is Trending

Minecraft Youtuber Dream's Face Reveal Video is Trending

#Dreamfacereveal is trending as one of Youtube's biggest creators has unmasked himself for the first time ever.

After teasing his plan last month, the mysterious gaming influencer Dream posted his face reveal video to Youtube on Sunday night. Within six hours, the video had reached 1.6 million likes and over 12 million views.

It's a major step for the 23-year-old Minecraft content creator, who has 5.6 million Twitter followers, 3.1 million Instagram followers and 30.4 million YouTube subscribers — putting him well in the big leagues with the likes of James Charles or Addison Rae, who also posted her own reaction to Dream's video. According to Forbes, "there are not too many big YouTubers left who are completely anonymous...Dream is certainly the biggest person to do something like this."

“Hi, my name is Clay, otherwise known as Dream online,” he says in the video. “A lot of you are probably wondering why now, why are finally revealing your face. You haven’t shown your face this entire time.” Dream explains that he's planning to shoot an airport arrival video with his UK-based friend and fellow Youtuber George aka GeorgeNotFound. The two are meeting for the first time at the airport when George moves to the US.

"My goal was to just start doing things, get out, meet creators, say hi to my friends finally," Dream adds, noting that he plans to mix in more IRL content along with his Minecraft videos. “I want to just get out in the world and be an actual creator.”

Dream first gained traction with lengthy Minecraft gameplay videos, growing to 30 million today from just 10,000 subscribers three years ago. Always wearing a mask or not on camera, he became known for this stick figure avatar. In recent years, he's worked on projects outside of Youtube, such as releasing music with singer Alec Benjamin.

Dream ends his video with a written title card that reads: “Love you all. This experience has been so surreal. My life has and never will be the same. I owe you all everything and will do my best to always give it to you and give it back to the world.”

Photo illustration via Getty Images / SOPA Images/ LightRocket / Pavlo Gonchar