Mila Santos' 10 Ways to Feel Sexy on Valentine's Day
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Mila Santos' 10 Ways to Feel Sexy on Valentine's Day

You may know Mila Santos from being one of her many OnlyFans subscribers, but the Brazilian model has long been a singer. Growing up in Atlanta, she'd tour Europe with her church choir, performing in some of the world's most historic cathedrals, and she eventually majored in musical theater at the University of Utah. After graduating, Santos relocated to Los Angeles, where she's been pursuing a music career ever since. Today, Santos' debut single "Both" is finally out, which she co-wrote with Olivia Noelle.

Described by Santos as the "embodiment of empowerment" and a "DGAF mentality," the track is a love song that puts the singer's complex desires first. "I want a good guy that treats me bad," she sings on the chorus, begging to have her cake and eat it too. "Kiss me in the front when he hit it from the back," she continues, listing off more juxtapositions to represent her ideal love affair: Ice with fire, salt with pepper.

"Both" is the first single off a forthcoming EP from Santos, arriving later this year. So to celebrate her big musical breakout, PAPER asked the internet vixen to assemble a 10-part guide to feeling sexy on Valentine's Day. From taking a solo bath to baking cupcakes, start taking notes, below.

1. Do something nice for yourself. Whether it’s sleeping in an extra hour or treating yourself to something you’ve been wanting, this will make you feel special.

2. Put on an outfit that makes you feel your best and take some selfies. This always makes me feel so hot.

3. Play music that makes you wanna dance.

4. If you’re single and don’t wanna be alone, call up some friends and go to dinner together.

5. If you have a partner, do something nice together. Doesn’t have to be extravagant. I love taking baths and think it’s so romantic to take a bath with a BF or GF.

6. You can be your own Valentine. Get yourself some wine and chocolate, and get cozy on the couch and watch a movie,

7. Bake some cupcakes. Whenever I bake, I always feel productive and it’s so fun to decorate cupcakes. Then give them to someone special.

8. Make your dog or whatever pet you have be your valentine and smother them in kisses like I will with mine.

9. You’re not alone on this holiday even if you’re single. Remember you have family and friends who love you. Don’t feel lonely and don’t isolate yourself if you tend to. Make plans, so you don’t feel bored and alone at home.

10. Make sure you check out my new song, "Both," because it will definitely make you feel sexy.

Photos courtesy of Mila Santos