Fashion FanFic: What to Wear to Your Swedish Cult's Murder Ritual

Fashion FanFic: What to Wear to Your Swedish Cult's Murder Ritual

Warning: Midsommar spoilers ahead.

So, you've just gotten word from your village elder that it's just about time for your Swedish cult's every-90-years, 9-day-long murder spree — and you've got nothing to wear. FML! You can't just show up to your grandmother's cliff-committed senicide in drab PINK leggings and a Forever 21 cami!

This is a big deal, and while you may want your outfits to remain light and airy because of the near 24/7 sunlight that beats down on your village, real style isn't always comfortable. If you want any chance at winning the coveted title of May Queen, you're going to have to double down.

Thank god you managed to get service on the iPhone of an American visitor your brother's planning on sacrificing in a few days. We've got you covered for every occasion throughout this historic celebration. PAPER has put together a Fashion FanFic of Haute Couture looks from spring 2019 for you to wear this "Midsommar."


Inspired by the ritualistic sacrifice of a tourist in the local chicken coop, this Valentino look is the perfect way to impress your elders. It won't have you splayed in a blood-eagle position, but the pink flowers can represent that and so much more! Additionally, this look will have you wearing petals around your eyes, totally representative of that time when you stuffed that tourist's eyeholes with flowers!

Midsommar is in theaters now.

Lead Photo via YouTube / Runway Photos via Imaxtree