What to Gift Your Frenemies This Holiday, According to Meredith Marks

What to Gift Your Frenemies This Holiday, According to Meredith Marks

She may be best known for her presence on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, but Meredith Marks is an expert in far more arenas than simply housewife-ing. She's channeled her passion for fine jewelry into a highly curated, eponymous jewelry collection, for example — not to mention her extensive lineup of apparel, handbags and sequined masks.

Marks also considers herself a steadfast friend, and, if you've been watching the last few seasons of Salt Lake City, you'll know that loyalty sometimes comes at the cost of other friendships. But the ups and downs of her friendships have, in fact, paved the way for Marks to gather expertise in an entirely new area of her life: frenemies. Salt Lake City's social scene can feel all too small — especially when you're filming a close-knit reality show — affording fans the opportunity to watch as Marks navigates frenemy situations with well-honed poise and wit.

With the holiday season in full swing, PAPER asked Meredith for her best frenemy gift recommendations. (For those cases where you can't get away with giving them nothing at all, that is.) Check out her frenemy gift guide below.

Magnifique Necklace

MeredithMarks.com, $20,000

Brooks Marks Track Suit Set

BrooksMarks.com, $154

Lucite Stacking Tower Game

Coming Soon New York, $190

Meredith Marks Pop Socket

MeredithMarks.com, $12

Celeste Sunglasses

Chloé, $470

Moritz Denim and Faux Fur Jacket

MeredithMarks.com, $395

Duolingo Super

App Store or Google Play Store, $6.99 per month

Hollywood Flawless Filter

Charlotte Tilbury, $46

Sequin triangle bralette

SKIMS; $78

Icon Collection Lip Gloss

Rinna Beauty, $20

Limited Edition Meredith Marks Sweatsuit

MeredithMarks.com, $139

Chill Gummies

Dragon Hemp, $60

Wave Mid-Century Vintage Retro Wavy Curvy Standing Mirror

West Mirrors, $370

Photo via Getty/ Bravo