The Best Memes From Meghan and Harry's Oprah Interview

The Best Memes From Meghan and Harry's Oprah Interview

It was big the Sunday night sit-down of 2021: Meghan Markle and her husband Harry's Oprah interview, their first as a post-royal couple.

As promised, we learned a lot of exclusive new info about the couple's struggles within the royal family (Markle disturbingly revealed that she'd suffered from suicidal ideation while living in England, and that the palace declined to get her medical help) as well as their new happier life in California (Archie's getting a sister this summer!).

But the hour-and-a-half-long convo is actually best distilled by memes. Here are our favorites.


Meg and Harry's CBS tell-all was full of surprises and shock revelations, but here's something we knew already: Oprah is an incredibly charismatic and effective interviewer.

And as such, her reactions to the former Royals' responses to each question became instant memes. This is not the first time that the veteran TV journalist and talk show host has gone viral, and we speculate it won't be the last.

The Queen

The QUEEN. If you actually watch the interview, both Meghan and Harry insist they have no beef with Her Majesty. Rather, they take issue with other unnamed royals (what's up, Prince Charles?) and the "firm" as a whole.

But that didn't stop people meme-ing the Queen's Notes App apology.

Big Pharma

The interview, like Meg and Harry's marriage, united Britain and American royal watchers. Which, again as with the marriage, has led to a bit of culture clash. For example... Britain has public healthcare, and America has a bunch of profit-hungry pharmaceutical companies. The Brits were confused, then horrified. The memes reflected that.

Princess Diana

Harry's late mom came up several times during the interview, and it wasn't lost on viewers that Harry appeared to act in her spirit by calling out the royal family and British press over their unfair treatment of his wife. Many memers paid tribute to that fact.

Screenshot via CBS