People's 'Dream Blunt Rotation' Memes Are Wild
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People's 'Dream Blunt Rotation' Memes Are Wild

Sometimes a meme is quite literally dank, and that's the case for a new viral trend where Twitter users fantasize about their ideal smoking circle.

"Blunt rotation" memes are the latest way to show off your niche pop culture knowledge, adding a 420 twist to the typical dream dinner party scenario. Our favorite is unfortunately this utterly cursed grouping of Ella Emhoff, Elizabeth Holmes, Hillary Clinton and Jameela Jamil:


There are also your more obvious classics, like this Lord of the Rings vibe:

And we couldn't help but come up with our own:

Pass it over here, and let's look at the rest of what Twitter has going on.

A little obvious

Yes, especially Ms Huffman


Sure why not

Fair enough

Wait when is the next season of this coming out, actually?

Not Lin...

A classic



Keira representation is so important


Oddly specific

Okay yea

Not enough people talking about this show in 2021


People really do still be listening to Weezer


Yes, yes, yes and yes

Let's be real David Lynch would ruin the otherwise perfect vibe

Blunt rotation at the Bimbo Summit

Very good

Sorry for party rocking

Dimes Square with Martha Stewart wildcard

Zoom vibes

This event probably did involve a blunt rotation of some kind

For the '90s kids

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