You Can't Escape MEATY's 'Hummer'

You Can't Escape MEATY's 'Hummer'

MEATY, the LA-based artist whose visuals are equal parts scary and sexy, is back for a red hot summer from hell. If DETO BLACK's "Tesla" was an erotic anthem for car lovers, MEATY's "Hummer" is its evil, leather-clad step sibling found locked in the basement, previously held captive — until now.

"I got my hummer, bitch, and ima use it," MEATY warns with vocals modified to sound like the monster in your closet. "'Hummer' is a song to blast in your car and forget about that bitch who did you dirty," he says of the heavy Shane Clay-produced cut. "Take the power and put it in your own hands. Period."

The music video, premiering today on PAPER, cuts together found footage of Hummers doing donuts and test crashing into walls with MEATY slinging a chainsaw in his G-Unit hoodie and signature gimp mask. Action-packed, erotic and, at times, eerie, the "Hummer" visual follows last year's "Mary" — a "sexed-up serial killer"-like trip into MEATY's mind.

"Collaborating with Shane [Clay] is my favorite because he deals with my psycho critical ass, and I feel comfortable to express my feelings and pain around him," MEATY tells PAPER of his longtime collaborator, who puts those devilish raps against ferocious, electronic beats begging to trigger any neighborhood watch group.

Watch MEATY's "Hummer," above, stream the track, below, and catch his performance this Friday, May 28 at HEAV3N's comeback party in Los Angeles alongside artists like Chase Icon, Pussy Riot and Dana Dentata.

Photos courtesy of MEATY


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