Journey Through Meadham Kirchhoff's Archives on Instagram

Journey Through Meadham Kirchhoff's Archives on Instagram

Meadham Kirchhoff, we miss you dearly, but all wonderful things come to an end at some point. It was one of our favorite London Fashion week shows to look forward to each season; design duo Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff created dazzling demi-couture clothing in kaleidoscopic colors, with the spirit of RiotGrrl infused into every stitch of lace. Their references ranged from Courtney Love to Elizabethan lacework to Lydia Deetz. In the Meadham Kirchhoff world, clothes were as fun as dancing to old David Bowie records. They carved out a place for the fashion industry rejects, the '90s-nostalgia obsessives, and people who just like wearing extravagant clothing.

Luckily, Meadham Kirchhoff still lives on in the hearts of its fans, and Edward Meadham himself. This week, Meadham posted a series of images and videos on Instagram of the cult label's archives, dating back to their first shows in London. It's a journey through photos of their fanciful clothes and makeup, design sketches and moodboard images, as well as Meadham's current solo work with his Blue Roses label. Remember the tinsel and jelly bracelets? The Chanel-inspired witches? The Bikini Kill fairies? It's all there, with Meadham's signature sketches for context.

In one of fashion's saddest tragedies, Meadham Kirchhoff's entire archive was sold off against their consent in 2015 — but their ideas, their creativity, and their passion still thrives today. We can't overstate how much we miss this label. But looking through their archives reminds us of how much fashion today is influenced by their work. Long live Meadham Kirchhoff's memory.

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