Mark Bryan Does Not Stand With the Queer Community

Mark Bryan Does Not Stand With the Queer Community

Mark Bryan does not want to be associated with the LGBTQIA+ community in any way.

The influencer, who has for years built his profile off of wearing dresses, skirts, and heels, wants people to know he is a cis, straight male who is not fighting for your rights. Despite the fact that his queer following has helped earn him notoriety and land him lucrative fashion brand deals, Bryan says gay people have actually made it harder for him.

In a new clip from the German documentary-style series Beyond Fashion, the 62-year-old Texan grandfather is interviewed by Queer Eye: Germany cast member and beauty guru Avi Jakobs, who is visibly shocked when Bryan says, "I try to separate myself from the LGB community because of the gay community that wore skirts and high heels before I did. I feel like actually they made it worse for me, being straight, because now I’m assumed to be gay."

When Jakobs tells Bryan she was excited to meet him because she assumed he was fighting alongside the queer community, he responded simply, "I don’t really think that I’m fighting with you, but I’m not fighting against you, either."

Bryan also doubles down on his comments, adding that the gay and trans community is at fault for their perception: “I think they’ve made it made difficult for themselves just being more flamboyant. I think they’re too outrageous and too flamboyant.”

Watch the full clip below.