Watch 'Mark & Bailey' Attempt to Become Beauty Influencers

Watch 'Mark & Bailey' Attempt to Become Beauty Influencers

Last week, the internet's Paris and Nicole, Mark Indelicato and Bailey Edwards, teased their new five-episode web series, Mark & Baileya DIY comedy show that sees the queer duo attempting to become famous through archetypal influencer trends.

Today, the first episode premieres on PAPER in the form of a makeup tutorial. They're certainly no NikkieTutorials though, opting for Crayola markers and used lollipops in place of shadows and blush.

And in honor of episode one, the two penned an "open letter to the beauty community." Read a word from "your new favorite beauty gurus" and watch the chaotic episode, below.

"For a thousand years, the beauty industry has been one of the biggest polluters on planet earth. Every month there's a new color, product or cotton pad we simply have to have. And Mother Earth is like, dying. Half used palettes, empty lipstick tubes and the skin suit of Jeffree Star are just floating in the Pacific. Enter Mark and Bailey, to set you free from your plastic bondage. Your new favorite beauty gurus are eco friendly and out to prove that beauty is just what you make of it. So crack open your kitchen cabinets, because in honor of Earth Day, the theme this week is throwing stuff on and seeing what sticks. Literally."

Photo courtesy of Diana Mantis