Marilyn Minter Wants You to 'Resist' Ignorance

Marilyn Minter Wants You to 'Resist' Ignorance

by Riley Runnells

Fifteen renowned artists, from Jenny Holzer to Juliana Huxtable and Marilyn Minter, are partnering with eBay to design bandanas for democracy. The initiative, called "Artists Band Together," is supporting grassroots "Get Out the Vote" programs throughout the US. From now through November 1, people can head exclusively to eBay and purchase a bandana with all of the proceeds supporting voter-registration organizations Mijente, Rise and Woke Vote.

"eBay is the partner of choice for artists and charities looking to expand their reach to a global audience of millions," said Sam Bright, vice president and general manager of verticals at eBay North America. "Together with these incredible creators and organizations, we are tapping the power of eBay's vibrant community to empower voices and mobilize voters."

Marilyn Minter

Each of the artists contributed an original design meant to inspire young people, first-time voters and historically disenfranchised communities of color to get out and vote. Minter, one of the participating artists, created a bandana with a circular red, white and blue design that reads "Resist" four times.

"Everyone has to do something to change the culture right now," Minter told PAPER. "We're waging a battle on two fronts: Fighting COVID-19 and fighting stupidity. I'm saying resist getting COVID and selfish behavior. Resist complying with the ignorance that's pervading our world right now."

Marilyn Minter

The designs are available as individual artworks, three curated sets and one complete set. The latest release includes an exclusive set of signed bandanas for $1,000.

See a preview of the artists' bandanas, above, and purchase all of them here.

Photos courtesy of Artists Band Together

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