Margot Robbie Keeps Trying to Get Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy to Date

Margot Robbie Keeps Trying to Get Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy to Date

Margot Robbie is (rightfully) over the Joker.

According to, the Suicide Squadstar has been advocating for a queer Harley Quinn for ages. And her ideal partner? None other than the DC Universe's botanist turned bad gal, Poison Ivy.

“I have been pushing for that for years,” Robbie told the website during her press tour for her new movie, Babylon.

“I cannot tell you how hard I’ve been pushing for that," the actress continued, reassuring fans that she ships the idea of the two Gotham City Sirens being together. "I want it too.”

As for who she'd like to play her character's potential new boo, Robbie had a somewhat odd answer, saying that she'd always pictured just "Poison Ivy in the comics," as she doesn't "really actually picture an actress doing it.”

That said, you may have also heard that Robbie won't be returning to the screen as Harley Quinn for a second, despite her critically acclaimed performance as the infamous anti-hero in both Birds of Prey and the larger Suicide Squad franchise. However, we have a feeling that Robbie's wish may be able to come true in some capacity, whether its a tryst or a full-blown relationship, depending on what the writers for the upcoming Joker: Folie à Deux have in mind. After all, queer icon and outspoken LGBTQ+ ally, Lady Gaga, is set to step in for Robbie as the new Harley Quinn in the 2024 film, which is centered on her relationship with the Joker, a role that is being reprised by Joaquin Phoenix. Because who doesn't love the idea of the King of Incels being dumped for Poison Ivy?

You can read what Robbie has to say to ComicBook.comabout Harley Quinn's potential romantic trajectory with her fellow Gotham City Siren here.

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