Margie Plus Wants to Liberate You From Society's Standards

Margie Plus Wants to Liberate You From Society's Standards

Margie Plus is on a mission for representation, and given the singer's ever-growing presence and inimitable pizazz, she might just achieve it.

The New York-naive singer, discovered on Instagram via Lena Dunham, has took to the streets alongside sisters-in-arms Amber Rose and Blac Chyna for the former's annual Slut Walk. During the event Plus filmed the video for the empowering bop "Ready to Go," which sees Plus kiki with Rose, protest the patriarchy and hit the stage. Plus explains her intention was for "Ready to Go" to serve as a rally cry for women of all colors and sizes to rise up and campaign for equal rights.

"As a body positive plus size woman in music and fashion my come up has been anything but easy, and I think my song 'Ready To Go' really embodies that hope needed in the struggle to keep grinding." Plus says of the track. "I want to show women everywhere that different is beautiful and that your circumstance does not define who you are. It was important for me to shoot the music video during the SlutWalk march because it was such an empowering and liberating experience that I felt needed to be shared. Amber Rose's support has meant the world to me and this music video is a ode to women everywhere who are fighting for equality."

Check out the video, below, and give Plus' self-titled debut album a listen here.

Photography: Morgan Stuart