Maison the Faux Is Challenging Our Views on What's Fake and Real

Maison the Faux Is Challenging Our Views on What's Fake and Real

Since its founding in 2013, Maison the Faux has been forcing us to rethink the notions of what's fake and real through its Amsterdam-based multidisciplinary practice (the brand describes itself as a "creative studio posing as a grand couture fashion house."

Its name, roughly translated as "The Fictional House," is a nod to its signature "FAUXperiences" which "push the idea that fashion doesn't have to be about products." Now, after several years traveling to different fashion weeks and presenting these new unconventional concepts to the world (humor and self-mockery ingrained in the brand), Maison the Faux is turning its attention to the world of theater.

The company, led by Dutch duo Joris Suk and Tessa de Boer, recently embarked on a 4 year partnership with NITE (National Interdisciplinary Theater Ensemble) and theater production house de Nieuwe Oost (theatre production house) as performance designers. Their first FAUXperience for NITE, "EXIT/EXIST" went live today and is being shared exclusively with PAPER.

Equal parts animation, performance art and costume design, the seven different campaign videos demonstrate Maison the Faux's new approach to storytelling. Done in collaboration with 3D animation studio Ubernerd, each video lifts a piece of the veil of their new FAUXperience and showcases the transforming characters of "EXIT/EXIST".

See, below, for all seven videos.

Courtesy of MAISON the FAUX