Madonna Teases Snippet of Song About Condoms

Madonna Teases Snippet of Song About Condoms

By Brendan Wetmore

Did you ever wonder how Madonna feels about condoms? Yes? Good, because she's here to tell you it's like "playing guitar with gloves on." It just doesn't work for her, apparently!

The legendary songstress posted a teaser to her Twitter account at 5:00AM EST today of her strumming a guitar and jamming out to an anti-prophylactic anthem that will surely have Trojan and Durex up in arms. While the "Material Girl" herself sings that sex with condoms is "not as much fun," but "better than nothing," she doesn't seem in love with the idea of wrapping before tapping. More importantly, however, she confirms that there is new music on the way.

Outlets began reporting in 2018 that a follow-up to 2015's Rebel Heart was in the works and set for 2019, but no singles or release dates had been announced. Fans were treated to a rather strange collab between the icon, Quavo, and Cardi B on Quavo's debut album this past October, but the only inkling of a comeback since then was her surprise NYE performance at New York's historic Stonewall Inn.

The new album has been kept quite a mystery, with only subtle hints of its existence on social media. Fans seem to think that the album title is "MAGIC," due to the singer adding "#magic" to the end of several of her tweets and Instagram posts for the past several months. She is known to be a fan of excessive hashtags, though, so only time will tell. Regardless, her new era is expected to sound wildly different from her previous albums and from current pop music in general. She told Vogue Italia in August 2018 that the music industry had become "so formulaic" to her, and that "everyone sounds the same."

Despite the mystery surrounding when #M14 is arriving, Madonna has made one thing absolutely clear: she's got no love for gloves.

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