Lucky Blue Smith Follows in His Family's Steps
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Lucky Blue Smith Follows in His Family's Steps

Photography by Luke Abby / Interview by Roytel Montero / Styling by Gadir Rajab

If you were to ask 21-year-old Lucky Blue Smith what's in a name, he'd probably say just about everything. The youngest of four siblings and raised in a small town in Utah, the internet heartthrob and top model is something of a serendipitous success story — but it's more than luck that got him there. Posing alongside his sister, Pyper America, the baby brother to three model musicians has paved his own way in the business and talked to PAPER about the windy road from Utah to Los Angeles, his skyrocket to fame and balancing his family life with supermodel status.

What were some of your first modeling experiences like?

One of my first shoots was with Levi's. We had this epic shoot at the Hollywood sign. I got to play the drums and shoot around the Hollywood sign which was insane. There were a lot of amazing shoots, but that one was special. Working with an iconic brand like that and at such an iconic place was amazing.

Were you inspired by any of your sisters to pursue music and modeling?

We kind of got and grew into this industry together. They always have inspired me. Having them around me while in this industry is something I'll always be grateful for. Being able to work with your family is a dream.

Top, pants and vest: Versace, Shoes: Bottega Veneta

Dress and tights: Versace, Shoes: Pleaser

Do you answer to any nicknames? What do you and Pyper call each other?

Only a few people have nicknames for me. My mom or dad call me Lux, but usually everyone just calls me by my name. I call Pyper Pyps sometimes.

Tell me about your experience working on this shoot with your sister. Are there any other favorite moments of you working together?

Pyps is the best to work with. She's always cracking jokes and filming funny videos. She always brings such an amazing energy to the shoot. Traveling with her is the best; we've been so many places together like Iceland, China, and Europe. She's the best travel buddy and the easiest to work with. One of my favorite memories was shooting in China with her; I've never laughed that much at a shoot with her. We have so many inside jokes, we can give each other looks and know exactly what we are saying.

(On Lucky Blue) Jumpsuit: Lee Denim, Jacket: Vintage, Shoes: Nike (On Pyper) Dress: Prada, Shoes: Vintage Prada

Your family history is really interesting. What was it like when you all moved from Utah to Los Angeles together?

I've always wanted to move to LA, so moving with my family was literally a dream come true. We started playing music when I was about 5 or 6, so that was a surprise; it just became a little more serious when we moved to LA. But modeling was definitely a shock; I had no intention and no clue modeling was going to be what it is.

Are there any other major influences that inspired you growing up or throughout your career?

James dean, Elvis Presley and the '50s era definitely inspired me and still does to this day. I became obsessed with it once i watched The Outsiders. I remember watching this rockabilly band with my dad and got a pompadour haircut the next day.

What advice do you give to up-and-comers in the modeling game now?

The best advice I've gotten was from my mom and dad which was, just be you. Be extremely nice and confident, always shake every one's hand that's on set — not just the photographer or the stylist, everyone. Also when you don't book a job, don't worry too much, just keep grinding until you do. Don't stress about something you have no control over.

Clothing and accessories: Bottega Veneta

Dress: Christopher Kane, Tights: Stylist's own, Shoes: Onex

With a successful modeling career, a memoir, a family band, and starting your own family, you've packed a lot into your life so far. Is there anything you're still wanting to try out?

Yeah, it's been a wild ride so far. Movies, movies and more movies; one day I will win an Oscar, that's next.

Pants: Moschino, Briefs: Calvin Klein, Shoes: Nike, Bracelets: Lucky's own

Dress: Dior, Shoes: Hardeman

Photography: Luke Abby
Styling: Gadir Rajab
Hair: Patricia Morales
Makeup: Elie Maalouf
Photo assistant: Jack Junk
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