A Louis Vuitton Wonderland Just Touched Down in Miami

A Louis Vuitton Wonderland Just Touched Down in Miami

by Aaron Royce

Louis Vuitton's colorful cartoon characters are back — and this time, they're taking Miami. The French house's latest project, highlighting its Spring 2021 menswear collection, is an interactive outdoor temporary residency in the city's posh Design District.

The pop-up, which serves as the collection's North American debut, takes inspiration from its Shanghai show held earlier this year. The residency is composed of vibrant red shipping containers (both a hallmark of men's artistic director Virgil Abloh's utilitarian aesthetic and a reference to the brand's iconic Supreme collaboration) similar to those at the show and its accompanying short film, The Adventures of Zoooom with Friends.

The video's dragon, duck and bird characters have been reimagined as oversized balloons that accentuate the space. They're accompanied by blown-up rainbow, globe and sunglasses sculptures as well as a trippy building backdrop, creating the perfect surrealist photo-op.

The second performance-inspired LV2054 capsule will also be spotlit as part of the display, highlighting its ski pieces for the current winter season. Numerous "suites" in hues of yellow, blue and red are situated within the residency's shipping containers, and each display shows various pieces from the upcycled line, which visiting clients can pre-order onsite.

Additionally, each shipping container at the residency contains a QR code, which guests can activate within Snapchat. The digital scans will allow them to interact and create content with animated versions of the Zoooomies characters. The exhibit is currently open to the public so everyone can experience the immersive world of Vuitton. Just be sure to make a timed appointment online first.

Photos courtesy of Louis Vuitton/ BFA