Louis Vuitton's Audience Stepped Out of a Time Machine

Louis Vuitton's Audience Stepped Out of a Time Machine

Before the first model walked out at Louis Vuitton's Fall 2020 show today, the curtain rose to unveil some 200 people in the grandstand dressed up in historical garb. Everything from 15th century regal court uniforms to 1950 housewife dresses were on display, as if a time machine had exploded in the audience.

The collection, appropriately titled Time Clash, sought to bring together different eras most associated with fashion under one roof. This meant that a woman in an Edwardian dress stood next to a flapper from the '20s. The juxtaposition of decades onstage was jarring, but it makes sense considering the brand is sponsoring the Met's upcoming exhibition about... time.

The characters were the work of Milena Canonero who's designed costumes for films like The Shining and A Clockwork Orange. "This collection is like a sartorial tune-up in which personality takes precedence," read the show notes. "Everyone can pen their own history."

Even though the backdrop was essentially a history book come to life, the clothes were decidedly futuristic. Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquiere's signature post-modern/ sci-fi aesthetic provided a nice contrast to the anachronisms behind the models thanks to pieces like geometric-printed dresses and the clashing of loud textures.

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