Lotic Leaves Her Mark on 'Burn a Print'

Lotic Leaves Her Mark on 'Burn a Print'

Berlin-based producer, Lotic, is back and determined to leave an impression.

Lotic's first new single since the release of her debut album, "Burn a Print" is a drum-driven victory march full of ghostly harmonies and trilling battle cries. Chaotic yet controlled, the song has echoes of Lotic's earlier work as a producer with elements of deconstructed club sprinkled throughout while still remaining faithful to the artist's recent evolution into a singer/songwriter.

The song very much feels like a spiritual successor to 2018's Power, continuing to explore themes of benevolence, softness and empowerment. Whereas Power emerged out of a tumultuous period of Lotic's life, "Burn a Print" sees the artist more firmly planted on her own two feet. Throughout the track, she carries herself with a regal air like a Queen cementing her legacy — or as Lotic puts it, "to burn your print into this Earth because when you go, you need to remind the future bitches that you was here."

"Burn a Print" also marks Lotic's first release since signing to London label Houndstooth, giving us hope that there may be more yet to come. Check out the trippy visualizer for "Burn a Print" and stream it, below.

Photo courtesy of Houndstooth