Lizzo Wants You to Use Your Voice and Vote With New Quay Collab

Lizzo Wants You to Use Your Voice and Vote With New Quay Collab

by Dylan Kelly

If there's one truth that doesn't hurt, it's that Lizzo has the other girlies beat when it comes to killer accessories. Between her extensive collection of animal print hats and glistening silver chokers, it's safe to say that the "Good as Hell" singer knows exactly how to make an entrance. (Who could forget her tiny Valentino purse at last year's VMAs?)

Back in May, Lizzo put practice into motion, investing time in designing a collaborative accessory line of her own: a sunglasses collection with Australian eyewear label Quay. The feel-good range of eight bold designs was certainly a fan-favorite, featuring everything from an oversized, bedazzled and thick-framed style to a reflective, ultra-modern take on biker glasses.

Now, by popular demand, Lizzo and Quay are back with a second installment of glammed-out shades, but this time, there's another accessory on the table: a face mask reading "Vote" in loud white lettering.

Together, with this politically activated collection, the two parties are empowering communities to utilize their voices to vote in the upcoming presidential election. Quay and Lizzo have partnered with the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. and the Lawyers & Committee for Civil Rights Under Law to lift restrictions against voting that disproportionately impact communities of color in America. In addition, Quay is donating $100K to support that mission in tandem with the launch of its voter awareness and education campaign titled, "2020 REPRESENT."

"Voting is a big way to contribute and to feel like we're making a change," Lizzo said in a statement. "But the power of voting in midterm and local elections wasn't something I was taught in school. I want to be part of informing future generations of our power. Representation is important to me. It helps people feel seen. It celebrates diversity. The American people deserve to feel seen and we deserve a government that reflects our beautiful diverse country and ideals."

As for the collection itself, Lizzo transformed the eyewear label's best-selling shapes with her signature, glimmering touch, adding hot pink lenses to one frame, finishing another with shining star studs and refining a more luxe design with crystal embellishments.

The singer-songwriter's very own Creative Director Quinn Wilson held the reins on the campaign front, which showcases an array of colorful new styles on a green-haired Lizzo, muted sunglasses working in combination with a dramatic blue coat, and the impactful "Vote" face mask at its center. "This shoot felt like family," said Lizzo. "Quinn really took the lead with concepts and I followed her leadership. I trust her so it's easy to create together."

Shop the Quay x Lizzo collection on Quay's website.

Photos courtesy of Quay