Ariana Grande and Lizzo Are United at Last on 'Good as Hell'

Ariana Grande and Lizzo Are United at Last on 'Good as Hell'

Lizzo wrote the script for scrambled roll-out timelines (i.e. "Truth Hurts" going No. 1 two years later). Now she's taking a leaf out of Lil Nas X's book and playing around in the remix world to give a song new life.

Ariana Grande hopped on a cute remix for Lizzo's second biggest hit to date "Good as Hell" ("I DO MY HAIR TOSS/ CHECK MY NAILS"). It's a lot of voice, hair and personality one on song, but it works.

We get a brand new half-verse of self-love swagger from Ariana (see below). The Sweetener star harmonizes and sings back-up, offering intermittent affirmations of "yes girl!" and "he better!" as Lizzo declare's she's taking her fine ass out the door.

"Cause he better know my worth
There's so much that I deserve
But I ain't worried now, I'ma let my hair down
He been tryin' it, but not today"

It's the first new music we've heard from Ariana since Thank U Next and "Don't Call Me Angel."

Meanwhile, Lizzo is currently in the midst of filing a lawsuit against Justin and Jeremiah Raisen, after they laid claim to writing credits and royalties from "Truth Hurts." They say the song's chords, lyrics and melody were adapted from a song they wrote for Lizzo called "Healthy."

Lizzo denies this completely, saying "The men who claim a piece of 'Truth Hurts' did not help me write any part of the song. They had nothing to do with the line or how I chose to sing it."

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