Watch Lizzo Correct a Paparazzo Who Misgendered Demi Lovato

Watch Lizzo Correct a Paparazzo Who Misgendered Demi Lovato

Pronoun mistakes! We've all made them, or witnessed someone else get it wrong. The real test of character is how you correct yourself, or that other person. And Lizzo just provided a masterclass in getting it right.

Footage being shared on social media shows the queen of bops politely but firming correcting a paparazzo when they refer to Demi Lovato using she/her pronouns. And it proves exactly why we love her.

For context, Lizzo and Lovato are both headlining the upcoming Jazz Fest 2021 in New Orleans. Solid bill! And when paparazzi caught Lizzo signing autographs outside a venue recently, the footage shows them asking her whether or not she will perform onstage with the Disney alum.

Truly, we would love to see it. Unfortunately, Lizzo denies that a live collab will happen at Jazz Fest, although she seems enthusiastic about the possibility. "Do you have a message for Demi? Should she reach out?" a paparazzo then asks hopefully. Lizzo then corrects: "They, their team, Demi goes by they."

Happily, no one got defensive. The paparazzo even thanks Lizzo for helping him out. And on their Instagram Story right now, you can see Demi expressing their gratitude, too.

You can't help but assume that Lizzo and Lovato will actually appear onstage together at Jazz Fest now. It just has to happen!

Eternal reminder: stand up for nonbinary people. Even when they're not around to stand up for themselves.

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