Lisa Rinna Goes Glam Rock for Runway Outing in Copenhagen

Lisa Rinna Goes Glam Rock for Runway Outing in Copenhagen

While her model daughter Amelia Gray is more ubiquitous on the runway circuit lately, it seems Lisa Rinna's catwalk days aren't quite done just yet.

On Thursday, the reality star and former Beverly Hills housewife made a surprise cameo on the runway for the Rotate show during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Against a pulsing '80s soundtrack, Rinna strutted down the catwalk in the city's Bella Arena to the delight of everyone in a teeny black swimsuit and giant leopard fur coat with her hair spiked up in a faux-hawk.

According to Rotate's show notes, the collection was dedicated to late '80s glam-rock culture as evident from the animal prints and rock 'n' roll spirit: bold floral jacquard prints, plush velvets, crisp poplins, poufy taffetas and daring vinyls.

"This season we sought inspiration from rock ‘n’ roll icons, both old and new, to create a collection that felt empowering and unstoppable," said Rotate's creative directors Thora Valdimars and Jeanette Madsen. "We wanted to convey this energy of bold freedom in the collection, by experimenting with contracts: exaggerated forms next to elegant forms, muted colors next to rich colors. This collection is about being wild, young and free."

Rotate, a Danish label from Birger Christensen and influencers/stylists Jeanette Madsen and Thora Valdimarsdottir, is known for their sexy minidresses and party wardrobe of statement pieces. Their shows, always filled with party vibes and high-voltage glamour, are a staple on the Copenhagen Fashion Week schedule.

Photos via BFA