Lindsay Lohan Keeps Falling for a 'Mean Girls' Reference

Lindsay Lohan Keeps Falling for a 'Mean Girls' Reference

Lindsay Lohan is preparing for her iconic comeback in the Netflix holiday film Falling For Christmas. This press cycle has proven to be very rewarding, and it's clear Lohan still loves Mean Girls.

In a recent appearance on Good Morning America, the actress revealed that she falls for the same Mean Girls reference every year. "I get the, 'Lindsay, what day is it?' and then I always fall for it. I’m like 'It’s October 3rd. Oh my gosh! Do you have to do it to me every time?'"

The joke is in reference to the scene in Mean Girls when Lohan's character cherishes her crush asking her what day it is. The throwaway line, along with countless other references from the film, have become cemented in pop culture. October 3 has also been dubbed as 'Mean Girls Day.'

If you want to get real obsessive with it, October 3 falls on a Wednesday in 2029, so you can also bust out your favorite pink ensemble. Just a thought.

Falling For Christmas also pays homage to Lohan's iconic teen movie role as she busts out her singing chops to perform "Jingle Bell Rock" once again 18 years later. Iconic tiny Santa outfits are not included.

The new film is the holiday cheesiness we all needed after a stressful year. It tells of a rich hotel heiress who suffers from amnesia after a skiing accident, ending up in the care of a hunky lodge owner played by Chord Overstreet. Together, I presume the two learn about love and the true meaning of Christmas.

We hope Lohan keeps us updated on if she falls for the silly prank again next year. In the meantime, listen to her new rendition of "Jingle Bell Rock" below.

Photo courtesy of Jason Crowley/BFA