Lil Xan Says Ex-Manager Supplied Drugs, Enabled His Addiction

Lil Xan Says Ex-Manager Supplied Drugs, Enabled His Addiction

Lil Xan is accusing his ex-manager of enabling his drug addiction.

During a recent Instagram Live, the "Betrayed" rapper — a.k.a. Nicholas Diego Leanos — said no longer wanted to be known as "Lil Xan" now that he's sober, while also calling out former manager, Stat Quo, for allegedly supplying him with drugs while he was on tour with artists like Nicki Minaj.

"He knew all my plugs, so if I couldn’t perform because I was withdrawing back then – because yes, I used to be a drug addict," Leanos said. "He would make calls, send $5,000 out here, just to ship the drugs to wherever we were at in the world."

The artist then went on to say that Quo was "going to act like he didn’t do that" and dubbed him a "fucking hypocrite" before telling fans that he was "really feeling like I should take him to court."

"Because that was a time I almost died from the drugs. I was so skinny, unhealthy…," he said, while continuing to refer to Quo as things like a “terrible fucking human being."

Not only that, but Leanos also took some time to deride the music industry in general, which seemingly spurred him to re-upload the Live to his main feed and title it "The Dangers of The Music Industry." During one part, he compares his situation to the one faced by late rapper Lil Peep, who died in 2017 from a drug overdose. As a result, Peep's death sparked a conversation about how artists suffering from addiction issues are often enabled, rather than helped by those closest to them, which Leanos said also happened to him while he was on traveling on tour.

Leanos then appeared to allude to the industry's posthumous exploitation of artists like Juice WRLD, who he toured with before the rapper's untimely death in 2019 from an accidental overdose, by saying the "industry just sucks."

“That’s a big reason why I haven’t dropped another album, is because after I got sober, it put such a bad taste in my mouth, like, to even want to make music, knowing how fucked the industry is," he said. "They just want to keep you alive long enough to make their fucking money, and if you die, even better for them."

He added, "Because guess what? It’s easier to manage a dead artist than an alive one.”

Watch Leanos' entire video below.

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