Lil Nas X Isn't Bothered by Madonna's VMAs Commentary

Lil Nas X Isn't Bothered by Madonna's VMAs Commentary

by Amina Niasse

Many on social media are reacting to and celebrating Lil Nas X's historic BET performance after the rapper unabashedly shared a steamy kiss with a background dancer. Madonna is no different, but her response, an Instagram story posted Wednesday with the caption "#diditfirst," was not well received.

The story referenced her 2003 VMA performance where she shared a kiss with Britney Spears on national television. While her performance definitely acquired infamy at the time, many criticize Madonna's words as being dismissive of the momentous nature of a gay man sharing a same-sex kiss at an awards show.

Madonna's actions seem to be interpreted as another instance of cis-heterosexual white women being praised for queerbaiting, while marginalized members of the LGBTQ+ community face repercussion for the same actions.

Lil Nas X described in a tweet posted Wednesday just how emotionally taxing the kiss was for him because of his identity as a gay man, saying he trembled on stage at the thought of kissing another man in front of a straight audience. It's safe to say Madonna did not experience the same concerns.

Lil Nas X, however, doesn't seem to be too upset by Madonna's words. He even defended the star in a tweet reply to Pop Crave, saying he considers her a friend and believes she was joking.

me and madonna are friends. it’s just a joke.

Photo via Getty/ Chris Polk/ FilmMagic