Lena Dunham's Brad Pitt Kiss Sparks Backlash

Lena Dunham's Brad Pitt Kiss Sparks Backlash

Lena Dunham is facing considerable backlash after a paparazzi photo of her trying to kiss Brad Pitt surfaced online.

Earlier this week, the cast of Once Upon a Time in Hollywoodtook to the red carpet in London to celebrate the movie's premiere and, naturally, there were cameras everywhere. However, the paparazzi also ended up capturing a strange moment in which Dunham can be seen trying to kiss Pitt.

And while Dunham could've just been trying to give her co-star a European-style cheek kiss, thanks to the timing and angle, commenters were quick to criticize what appears to be a non-consensual kiss.

"If *any* man did this to a woman on a red carpet, they'd be publicly pilloried and likely lose their job," one person wrote. "Instead Lena Dunham gets a cutesy article full of praise & compliments for her 'balls of steel.'" Also underlying coverage of the incident were mentions of Dunham's past controversies, including her defense of a Girls writer accused of sexually assaulting an actress-of-color.

Dunham has yet to respond to the backlash.

See what else Twitter has to say about the interaction, below.

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