Leonardo DiCaprio Reportedly Had a 'No Eye Contact' Policy

Leonardo DiCaprio Reportedly Had a 'No Eye Contact' Policy

Ahead of the highly-anticipated release of Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a new article explores the mythos surrounding "Hollywood's Last Movie Star," Leonardo DiCaprio.

A new piece published by The Hollywood Reporterexplores DiCaprio's celebrity and the unique way in which it differs from many of his fellow A-listers.

As they point out, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is DiCaprio's first film in four years. And while he may be photographed by the paparazzi on the regular, the public still isn't privy to any details about his personal life — a bizarre occurrence in our "authenticity"-hungry world where it seems like every other celebrity is always going on Instagram Live.

However, one detail that stood out is the report from an on-set source that some crew members were reportedly "instructed to avoid making eye contact" with DiCaprio on-set.

Okay, but why? Well, we never really get a definitive answer, but the article hints at it having something to do with DiCaprio's "brand," which is described as something surrounded by a "carefully crafted air of mystery."

Not only that, but apparently DiCaprio also skipped every event at Cannes earlier this year aside from the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood premiere — even a party to promote an environmental documentary he co-produced with a long-time friend.

Again, a lot of strange stuff going on here. But for the full scoop, you can read The Hollywood Reporter's feature, here.

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