Time's Up Says Lena Dunham Was Not Part of the Movement

Time's Up Says Lena Dunham Was Not Part of the Movement

Reese Witherspoon, Amy Poehler, Emma Stone, Michelle Williams, Brie Larson, Rashida Jones, Tracy Ellis Ross, Meryl Streep, Rosario Dawson, America Ferrera and... Lena Dunham?

Despite Dunham's claim that a sexual assault accusation against a Girls writer made by an actress-of-color was false, the actress and director posed with the most powerful women in Hollywood determined to end the sexual harassment of women in the workplace. Ah, you've got to love it.

The photo in question sparked almost immediate backlash in the comments after it was posted by Thor: Ragnarok actress Tessa Thompson, leading Thompson to address the claims before she deleted the picture from her account altogether. Dunham has kept the image, but disabled comments.

Many users questioned Dunham's presence, before a commenter referenced Aurora Perrineau's accusation of rape against Girls writer Murray Miller.

"I support this initiative and the fight for gender justice and am really glad that the movement is growing," they wrote. "I however am perplexed by the inclusion of Lena Dunham, a woman who publicly accused a young sexual assault survivor of color, Aurora Perrineau, of lying about her assault."

Thompson responded with the following statement, specifying that no, Lena Dunham had nothing to do with the #TimesUp initiative and yes, the actual women involved were just surprised as the critics that Dunham turned up for the photo opp.

"Lena was not anywhere present in our group during the countless hours of work for the last two months. We hosted an open house for the actresses for red carpet messaging and Lena presence was a surprise to us all. This is a time of reckoning. And for many, a re-education. So many women also have real work to do. I'm afraid it's too nuanced a conversation to have on this platform. But I hear you, and know that your thoughts and words are not lost on me. It's been discussed."

Dunham's misstep and subsequent apology over Perrineau's allegation saw writer and Lenny Letter contributor Zinzi Clemmons vow to never again write for the platform. If you wish to read her explanation, you can do so below. Otherwise, what is there left to say other than, what was she thinking? Questions that still need answers.

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