At Least We Can Still Orgasm
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At Least We Can Still Orgasm

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I'm someone who takes slow, joyful experiences seriously — especially during the firestorm that is 2020. Putting down my tech and surrounding myself with nature, silence and pleasurable activities meant to improve my overall quality of life are very important to me. Part of my self-care routine is carving out time to explore my sensual side, alone. And in a time where every day is filled with bad news and overstimulation, my orgasm is one place I want to feel perfectly in control.

The LELO Sona 2 Cruise is designed for me to spend a lot of time with it, to ride a slow wave of sonic waves to reach my climax at the exact speed and rhythm that makes me feel good. The chic golden handle and butter-soft pink, medical grade-silicone makes the Sona 2 Cruise great to touch and sensational to feel against my body. The mouth of the sex toy is larger and deeper, designed to serve as a deep-tissue massage to build up to an incredible orgasm. With 12 different pleasure settings — from a slow roll to fast pulsations and a steady vibe — the Sona 2 Cruise mimics the best oral sex of my life. Plus, you don't even have to place it directly on your clitoris; exploring the areas around and near my clit means I can give myself long edging sessions, forgetting about the outside world to focus solely on my pleasure.


Sunday is the one day of the week I aggressively reserve for myself to relax, slow down, and focus on my wants and needs. It's my time and I'll spend it however I want to. And how I want to spend it is taking in the crisp fall air, reading a great book, cooking an elaborate meal and finishing my day with a near-scalding bath.

I wake up around 8 AM, refreshed, a cool breeze drifting through the open window. I'm overjoyed that fall has arrived — it's like a little bit of hope lives in the air again. I stretch, curl and uncurl my toes, reach my hands to the sky, then get up and shuffle to the kitchen. I fill my kettle with water, light the flame on the stove and set it down to boil. I open my bag of French roast coffee beans and take a deep breath of the aroma, instantly waking up a little more. I grind the beans, listening to the soft whirr of the machine, then dump the contents into my French press. I look out the window and listen to the birds sing, reveling in the peace morning brings, before the kettle whistles. I slowly pour the steaming water over the ground beans in a circle, filling it to the top. After two minutes I pour myself a cup, add a touch of oat milk and head right back to bed, pulling the cool sheets back around my body.

The LELO Sona 2 Cruise

I sip my coffee slowly while reading a novel for an hour — making this my morning ritual rather than hopping on my phone and reading the news has done wonders for my mental health. Filled with a bit of morning wonder, I'm ready to start my day.


Did you know that the clitoris is not just the dot that rests above your vagina? That's just the tip of the clitoral iceberg. The entire clitoral structure looms large inside of your body — it stretches four inches and surrounds your entire vaginal opening. The LELO Sona 2 Cruise is designed to stimulate your entire clitoris, not just what you can visibly see and touch. Its automatic Cruise Control feature ensures that 20% of the Sona 2 Cruise's full power is reserved so that when the motor begins to drop power and the toy is pressed hard against the body, the extra 20% is unleashed so there's no reduction in intensity. There's nothing worse than being so close to coming, only to have your vibrator's battery give out. With the Sona 2 Cruise, that will never happen to me again.


After a long walk in the park in perfect fall weather and some Sunday chores and cleaning, I cook tonight's dinner. I keep it simple but sumptuous — burst cherry tomato pasta with garlic bread, an arugula and pear salad, and a bottle of Italian malbec. I dine lazily, letting the wine warm my skin, taking the time to appreciate every flavor: impeccable olive oil, the pop of tomato juices, chunks of roasted garlic on the bread, a hint of cocoa in each sip of the wine.

Full and fulfilled, it's time for the Sunday ritual I most look forward to: my lingering evening bath. I turn on the water while I prep the atmosphere. I light several candles and place them on the edge of the bathtub and turn on Cat Power, swaying. I pour lavender bubble bath over the faucet, filling the air with relaxation. When the tub is full, I climb in slowly, acclimating to the heat and lowering my body, bit by bit. Finally I dunk my head underneath, breathing out deeply, submerging myself in the hum between my ears.

The LELO Sona 2 Cruise

I grab the Sona 2 Cruise off the side of the tub. It's fully waterproof — I plunge it underwater and turn it on, pressing it against my vulva on a low, rolling setting. I'm in no rush; I move the toy into different positions, trying out different settings. A medium-paced repetitive vibration gets me excited; when I press the opening over my clitoris, it's intense and amazing. I could come in two minutes if I kept going, but I don't want that, so I ease the mouth away from my clit, instead pressing the base of the toy against it for a calmer but deeply pleasant sonic experience.

I keep going like this for some time, getting myself closer to orgasm with different settings, then moving the toy away and taking a short break. I take my other hand and feel my body, playing with my nipples, rubbing my hand up and down my stomach, putting water over my face and neck. I'm so turned on and in tune with myself.

Finally, I'm ready. I cover my clitoris and press the Sona 2 Cruise hard against me, quickly having a deep, intense orgasm, closing my eyes and groaning in sweet pleasure. My body loosens and I sink back into the water, feeling so at home within my body. Thanks to the Sona 2 Cruise, it's been another perfect Sunday.

Create your own perfect Sunday with a little help from LELO Sona 2 Cruise.

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