Lazoschmidl Invites You On a 'Playdate'

Lazoschmidl Invites You On a 'Playdate'

Swedish conceptual menswear designers, Lazoschmidl, have long surpassed the lines of gender and convention with their work. Exploring a softer, more youthful edge to masculinity through the lens of traditional womenswear silhouettes, Lazoschmidl makes the type of clothes Peter Pan would wear if he was a club kid.

Their latest fantasy-driven collection, "PLAYDATE," sees the duo of Lazo and Schmidl at their best with flowing organza blouses, sequined halters, knitted pants, and bedazzled tops in their signature lurex. Drawing inspiration from an adolescent reading of Roald Dahl and Franz Kafka, the collection interjects youthful whimsy with sexually charged undertones. Mock paper hats made out of organza and a leotard that reads 'wet dream' in rhinestones exposes a coming to terms with sexual expression. "It's never the message of sexuality; it's more of the message of sexiness for yourself," says Schmidl.

In addition to Dahl and Kafka, Lazoschmidl also incorporates work by painters David Hockney, Ken Price, Henri Matisse, and unpublished photographic work from filmmaker Bruce LaBruce into their prints. The pair's minimal designs lend themselves to multilayered looks that feel as easy and relaxed as they are flirty and playful.

Take an exclusive look at the fanzine for "Playdate," below, and watch the full spring 2019 runway show here.

Photography: Alexandre Chagnon