Behold: 8 Photos of Male Models In LAZOSCHMIDL's New Briefs

Behold: 8 Photos of Male Models In LAZOSCHMIDL's New Briefs

A new line of intimates both cheeky and seductive.

If you're someone reading this and like a little cheek in your life, keep reading. (Also, very slight NSFW content warning, so there's that).

Swedish brand LAZOSCHMIDL launches men's logo briefs line under its intimates umbrella with two circular cut-outs on the back. That easy-access detail is based on a pair of jeans from the brand's Fall 2016 collection. Cheeky, get it? (A press release even mentions the peach emoji here, and that the briefs, whose brand name is printed in reverse, are perfect for selfies which tells us that this line is all about fun, and also Millennial appeal.) There's even a carefully designed pouch that draws attention without the use of fake padding. So, these briefs seem to have broader appeal transcending social media-friendly youth.

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Playfulness in the men's underwear market, which started in earnest in the '80s geared toward gay men, still feels largely unexplored, so it's refreshing to see what LAZOSCHMIDL is doing to change that. Below, take a peek at these sexy campaign photos of mostly-nude men posing in little more than blush, sailor caps and the new line. As previously mentioned, these photos are only slightly NSFW so maybe take your peeks when the boss isn't watching.

Photos courtesy of LAZOSCHMIDL